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NFT Cinema. Digital stoytelling and metaverse

by Simone Arcagni and Mattia Nicoletti
  1. 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

  2. Tensostruttura Ubik
An exhibit on NFT and Cinema in the world of the Metaverse to show how digital and the Metaverse should be thought as an additional opportunity for film production.
A journey through auctions, offers, exhibit and launches to show the different kinds of relationship between the world of cinema and NFT. It is an historical and critical path that selects some indicative and specific cases of this relationship, highlighting the different approaches, practices and modalities.

The exhibit is a Cinecittà production for RomeVideoGameLab in collaboration with Rai Cinema and ANICA-Unione Editori e Creators Digitali. A virtual room reproducing the physical space will be set up, with "screens" reproducing the works and the link to reach the auction site. A space accessible by PC or smartphone. The Metaverse exhibition will be hosted in Rai Cinema's rooms on The Nemesis. Among the NFTs presented will also be Rai Cinema's first NFT 'RaiCinema2500Pics'.
Simone Arcagni is a professor at the University of Palermo. Scholar, advisor, curator, and popularizer of new media and new technologies. He works with «Nòva-Il Sole24Ore», «FilmTV», «Tascabile», «Segnocinema», «Che Fare» and other magazines and newspapers; he’s also the author of Digital World, a Rai Scuola broadcast. He has a blog on the «Nòva100» site. As a scientific advisor he worked and works for many corporations and institutes (Rai, Meet – International Centre of Digital Culture, RomeVideoGameLab, VRE, Invisible Studio…), and since 2021 he is also advisor for new media and new technologies at the Tourin’s National Museum of Cinema, and he is the scientific advisor of the ANICA Union of Digital Editors and Creators. As a curator, he recently signed the Past Futures exhibits (Biennale Democrazia, Polo del ‘900), #FacceEmozioni (with Donata Pesenti Campagnoni for the National Cinema Museum) and Cinema future (RomeVideoGameLab, Rai Cinema and Cinecittà). He is also a curator for Marker Faire Rome, Sottodiciotto and Letterature migranti. He curates, along with Daniele Rosa, the “Nautilus” series (Luiss University Press). Among his publications, Oltre il cinema (Kaplan) and Screen City (Bulzoni). He published for Enaudi: Visioni digitali (2016) and L’Occhio della macchina (2018). In 2020 he published Immersi nel futuro. La Realtà virtuale, nuova frontiera del cinema e della TV (Palermo University Press/Rai), in 2021 Cinema futuro. Futurologia del cinema (Nero) and Storytelling digitale (Luiss University Press). His last publication is the curatorship of H.G.Wells’s work, The Discovery of the Future (Luiss University Press).

Target: for everyone.